Hope For Women, LLC, is a recovery center for women of Walker County, Alabama. A diverse board of directors felt God's directing hand to provide this lifeline to women suffering from addiction and was formed in 2012. Several board members have experienced drug and alcohol addiction first hand and understand what women struggling with addiction must have for recovery. Our vision that can work is basically a 3-phase process:

  1. Emergency phase – taking an addicted woman off the street providing shelter, food and the essentials of life.
  2. Transition phase – teaching the addicted woman how to live without alcohol or drugs and bringing Jesus Christ into the recovery using a 12-step, Christian based ministry.
  3. Out on their own phase – helping the recovering addicted woman move out on her own, still tethered to the program through regular meetings, alcohol/drug screening and most importantly the continued dependence on God's grace and the support of Hope For Women, LLC.
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